Friday, March 19, 2010

QT with the boys

It had been a longggggg time since I had leave which did not involve studying/ revising and travelling. So I purposedly took 2 weeks off work after the exam to spend time with H and the hubs after had spent long hours at work preparing for the exam. Bliss was the word!

We'd spent time with H taking him to Jungle Gym, and since he liked it I took him and A one morning and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They slept once they got into the car on the way home. We also took H to revisit JP which unfortunately was closed (we went on the wrong day! how were we supposed to know they close on Monday and Tuesday afternoons!). Tapi kami tapuk2 jua bawa H masuk :p

London Part 2

2nd short trip to London about a month after the first. This time was for a much more serious matter. Before the D-day, managed to catch up with Ain and had lunch at Delima. The day after D-day spent the day with brother Eiin and cousin Eyton and had lunch with them plus Chetna who came down to London especially to see me. Didn't get to meet up with Jo. Maybe next time.

Peaches and Cream from My Old Dutch

2010 - London part 1

2010 started with a short trip to London for a course. Initially was supposed to travel with a work colleague but his application was messed up. So the hubs decided to accompany me. We thought it through and if both of us were to go, H has to go since he has never been away from the both of us for that duration of time. So our first family trip abroad, YAY!!

The trip was more or less alright. Although RBA was badly disorganised when it came to our flight seating arrangements. We weren't happy at all. H was good in the flight, though all he wanted to do was walk up and down the aisle and say 'Hi' to everyone. He slept well too, so that was a blessing. 

Arrived in London greeted by H's Usu E who he hasn't seen for 4 months. High Comm representatives were there to greet us and took us to our hotel. As soon as we settled, we took off to Westfield to browse around, where we also met cuz E and F. Days followed where I was stuck in my course pretty much the whole day. H and his babah went into town and met up with Usu S who came down from Notts. I gathered H enjoyed his time which was good!

A few pics from the trip...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a wrap!

That's it. 2009 almost gone. How quick has it been? Although while we were at it it seemed like forever. It has been a year of a rollercoaster of emotions. January started off with back to work after a not-so-long maternity leave which left me no choice but plough on with work as exams were due in April. Then was a challenging time with Hamzah's terrible transit of eczema (which has almost gone for good too now, Alhamdulillah). Came exam time it was my first ever time away from Hamzah and god how difficult that was. Armed with the b-pump and milk storage bags and coolbags, I managed to stock up as much as I could while being away from my 1st born son while missing him loads. But it was worth it, cannot deny it was good to be away for a bit for a bit of me-time and indulge in retail therapy! And to gloat that I passed the exams too :D Also in the first quarter of the year, a school friend threw a majestic birthday party and was lucky to dance poco-poco as part of entertainment. That was a whole lot of fun, not to mention meeting all the girls and had fantabulous food too.

2009 also welcome more babies especially baby K! Long awaited and she is gorgeous and adorable as a baby girl could be! Loving her pics that her mummy has posted so far on Fb. Came Ramadhan and Hari Raya which was a first for us family of 3 and that was when Hamzah reached the ultimate milestone of walking at the age of 11 months and 9 days. Mummy was so proud :D He also enjoyed his 1st birthday celebrations, not 1, not 2 but 3 parties! How hollywood can u get huh! Later on, H went on holiday with Mama and his Nini's to Malaysia. Babah could not join because he could not get away from the office. Such a workaholic....haha....

Celebrating the new year and the coming weekend in comfort and style this year ie IN BED . Ha! Ha! Work completely tired me out this morning, and H was thinking the same thing as he dozed off far too early at 7pm missing out his dinner! Poor baby. Nevermind. He's been missing his mama badly (according to his babah) when at work and has not been sleeping well. 

Welcoming 2010, may it brings us prosperity, good health and success. Amin!

Good night all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hamzah on holiday

Stewardess: Tea or Coffee, sir?

Hamzah: Milk, please!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


50 days or so to the new year. Plans for 2010 are in store. InshaAllah will start off with a quick trip to London in January, then another one in February/ March. Another scheduled working trip to Beijing end of March. This means work, work, work prior to all this. Saving for a family holiday in July/ August to pay a visit to Eiin and Uncle Janin/ Aunty Jackie in Geneva. Let's hope all will fall into place, amin. 

It's been a relaxing sunday. In fact, a chilled out weekend. After friday's oncall, went for a Taurean brekkie on saturday with the parents and lil H. Slept at midday and went for a quick Thann Heritage Massage. Stretch here, stretch there. Bliss. Went out with my 2 boys planned for a Mall visit but lil H nodded off in the car. Instead, the babah singgah YMRM skajap while the mama sneaked a lil nap herself jua hahaha! I think all of us were knackered by the time we reached home at 10pm we all hit the sack straight away.

The hubs had to go to work today. Yes, on a sunday. Nothing new. Pelancaran penanaman pokok sempena 39 tahun Bandar Seri Begawan. Was done near Jame Asr', then paid a visit to other places including UBD. This afternoon, he had to go his boss' house for work and is still there as i type.... :S

A brand new day and a brand new week tomorrow. Have a good week!